(My rule-of-fit: If I can manage 1″ groups with a gun first time I pick it up, it’s made for me.) ​The grip texturing is plain and rough - some brands get pretty poetic about their grip texturing, but Glock opts for a simple pattern of square studs and modest finger grooves on the Gen 4. Have put over 3000 rounds thru my 17. For me it is the best size-to-capacity-to-cost sidearm I have owned. With a few positive experiences and a note of the numerous Glock accessories I decided to pick one up to be my primary defensive handgun. Shop for cheap price Glock 17 Gen 4 Lanyard And Glock 17 Gen 4 Reliability 2015 .Price Low and Options of Glock 17 Gen 4 Lanyard And Glock 17 Gen 4 Reliability 2015 … Check out our APRIL SPECIAL on Glock holsters! Polk County. Or any 1911 on planet Earth. Find the Glock 17 Gen 4 for sale in combat, carry or competition-ready models for a low Glock 17 Gen 4 price right here at Omaha Outdoors. Of course, the average person will not need that type of reliability for their pistol. Once you master the proper grip and perfect the technique of keeping the trigger moving you will shoot tight groups as fast as you can pull the trigger. My CZ75 on the otherhand fitslike a glove. Gen4 - Safe Action Pistols Compare (0) Compare. I have large hands but by no means gigantic. While I don’t care for .40 S&W I noted that the compact (I term I use loosely) frame Glocks actually fit me pretty well. Glock, like Apple has done a commendable job of focusing on the product with evolutionary changes with each generation and spreading them across the product line which differs only in sizes and calibers. Let me get one thing out of the way up front. It just works. Bought a 17 gen 4 and still learning it. Having been a bullseye shooter the trigger was a learning experience but what the heck, this is a service pistol after all. Since I don’t enjoy it’s company, I don’t practice much with it and I don’t take it with me when choosing a carry gun of that size. A loaded Glock lives its life partially cocked, and relies on the force of your finger pulling the trigger to pull the striker all the way back before it's finally released and slams forward to ignite the cartridge. Plus, it looks pretty snazzy in a leather holster: Glocks are tough, reliable, highly customizable, and a little bit expensive. It works, and for the money it’s a pretty good buy. I have had my only Glock, a G17, since 1989. Wonder of wonders, the officers could carry it or not. Sorry for the run-on sentences, lol :>) My brother and many of his friends are Special Forces, Navy Seals and they all swear by them. And I can grip the gun fine. My Glock 22 did the same thing but it seems to have smoothed out over time and wasn’t near this bad to begin with. Maintain the helpful work and bringing in the crowd! FOR GLOCK 26. I mean, if the M&P is to guns what Sarai Givaty is to a white tank top, the GLOCK is what Bee Arthur is to the string bikini these days, if you can imagine that. I have no complaints. I always liked the magazine flexibility where my backup weapon could use my duty magazines if needed. Glock the company, however, have proven themselves to be masters of marketing. GLOCK takes a lot of heat for that Perfection motto. I do some IDPA and shoot action pistol weekly with a bunch of other geezers at my gun club. Test other handguns (that have acceptable reliability) and these handguns may fit your better. I have added the 22,27 and 30S to my personal collection. trigger pull. A reliable, sturdy, well designed tool That gets the job done with a little bit of style. They are metal and a lot more durable for doing single-handed weapon malfunction drills with weak hand off of the boot, holster, or belt. The GLOCK’s positive trigger reset makes it possible to “ride” the trigger and unleash lead at a furious clip. I will take Bee Arthur if she performs better than Sarai. In Glockland, it’s adapt or die. The Springfield XD’s sticks up the top of the slide and looks rather jagged. Its grown on me. your wrong, 10mm glock i bought for backup bear hunting blew up on first hard hast buffalo bore round that went though it, thank god a bear was not charging, hand surgury was not fun either,keep your POS glock, there junk, The manual clearly states in red”GLOCK DOES NOT RECOMMEND YHE USE OF UNJACKETED LEAD AMMUNITION”.Page 15sec.26. For comparison, older 9mm duty guns with more complexly machined slides can weigh more than three ounces less, and even fractions of an ounce make a difference when the slide is slamming back against the rear frame stop at umpteen miles per hour as the gun cycles. No they are ugly. IMO, with all its faults, the G17 is the best pistol Glock ever made. “There is beauty in simplicity and minimalist detail. It’s an amazing gun and very easy to shoot well. In the grip area, if these design elements add to the comfort, they are justifiable, the rest is sheer nonsense. I am not suprised in the least to see it happen with 10mm which is nothing but a longer .40 cal with more powder same unsupported chamber. To me. I feel really confident having 16 rounds of 230gr WFNGC Hardcast DoubleTap rounds out of the holster against any 4-legged thing in this area. We also have some serious crime. WTF talk about a bunch of ass grabbing bastards comparing a glock to a croation POS that sold for $150 at gun shows before Springfield (not the original Springfield) put their logo on it and jacked the price up, gave people extra accessories and a 007 case, making noobes bend over and take it hard. Their frames aren’t exactly perfect. I have a Glock17 (not gen 4). Glocks have literally a ton of bang for the buck. Wrap-up: Glock 17 Gen 4 A well-made and reliable pistol with tons of aftermarket support, but if you want it to be its 'best self', just unbox it and leave it alone. For the reasons stated above. But the average shooter will find it a tad uncomfortable. Thanks to the 17’s thick grip, the gun’s relatively low bore axis, its 4.49″ barrel and the fact that the pistol fires the most manageable of “serious” calibers, the 17’s recoil is not an issue. So much so that I got a 43 for myself, and then a Gen 5 19. Some of these guys suffer from rectal cranial infarction.Be safe and keep truth about guns comming. Like their competitors, they cock the striker back when the slide cycles, but unlike most of their competitors, they don't cock it all the way. Traded my wife’s S&W Shield for a G42 (.380 ACP). I have small hands with short and stubby fingers but I have no problem gripping and shooting my 17 and that’s because I shoot with two hands! I’ve avoided GLOCKs due to their association (in my mind) with Tupperware. FTFs? It’s not the Glock grip angle that is bothersome. Never a single problem. Shootability: It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the Glock is a very shootable pistol. From a low-ready position, point the unloaded pistol at the target with your eyes closed. If the Glock feels good to them, great. Looked just like a tv show. Bottom line is, with over 250,000 rounds through Glocks, I have never had a failure that I could not honestly attribute to a bad grip or a cheap piece of crap ammo. Onsale Glock 19 Gen 4 Reliability And Glock 17 Starter Pistol Download http://www.facebook.com/northtexascustomkydex/. This. The Glock 17 and the Glock 19 are, essentially, the same gun, except that the Glock 19 has a slightly smaller barrel and grip. Thanks for your time, Brooks. Bloody hell mate. Dam pb gives me trouble. I learned that range party trick 20 years ago when the marketing machine kicked into high-gear and all the tacticool slaves had to have one. I just don’t get what the problem is with your gripes on the grip. I’ve been a handgunner for 45+ years and like the author I recently decided to give Glock a try. My G17 may well be the least fired and most ” fondled ” firearm in existence !! I can get head shots at 30 yards with my 19 about 50% of the time (not that I would ever do that in a DGU but just sayin’). I couldn’t get use to the .40 cal snappiness at all. After seventeen weeks of daily carry and more than 200 hours of range time, what do I think of the gen4 G17? Accurate, reliable(no FTF’s, FTE’s, FTL’s, nothing) and fun. People confuse glitz with style. Assuming the author did not embellish the test results; this is amazing. Perfection.". So in September of 2015 I got a second Glock 19 Gen 4, this one with “factory” Cerakote (more on that in a minute). Very fair and honest review on gen4 G 17. I chromed the slide because the factory finish on the slide was trashed, but otherwise it has been an outstanding firearm. is the go-to full size training pistol for professionals and enthusiasts. Fun Gun Reviews Presents: "Glock Gen 4 vs Gen 3 Pistols". I will happily maintain that the glock is a great gun, it’s gets the job done reliably. For myself, like Nick, it just doesn’t feel comfortable in my large hands… is it the grip angle? GLOCK … Glock 17 Gen 3 – Long Term Review. It is basically indented about 1/32″. I agree that Glock’s work. We called Glock and they claim the problem is my grip (my husband feels this is a sad explanation as he didn’t see anything wrong with my grip). Oz says: September 15, 2018 at 07:28 . Just some food for the brain to think on. They’re functional. If it doesn’t, either use decent ammo or sell it because you got a fluke, then buy a different one. I had a particular distaste for the full size models as the massive hump in the back strap makes the gun fairly awkward to me. This made perfect sense for a sidearm, you don’t want to accidentally drop a full mag in the mud of a battlefield. Next guy walks up hands person in car something. Had a 40sw GlOCK and it was the worst gun I’ve ever owned. I suspect that is where the roughness is. The weapons are only fed quality brass during this test. Me? Perfect for fast action shooting! Within the rental fleet at Shoot Smart, the Glock 17 is one of the most popular handguns used by customers. Thanks. One of my posts was in Lakeland at low income housing. I had a 4th gen G22, but sold it. No jams ever. Despite my gripes, the GLOCK 17 is a downright solid handgun. Designed for professionals, the GLOCK 17, in 9x19, is the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide. GLOCK handguns haven’t changed much since the early 80’s. Just not perfect. gen 4, no thanks… You’ve impressive information in this case. Another raid. After ignition, the G17’s trigger resets close to the breaking point with a SNICK that can be heard clear across a crowded gun range, ear pro or no. My personal favorite is the Gen 3 G19,not only for the way it fits, but also how it feels in the hand. These are more comfortable in my hand and point more naturally. The 17’s trigger was designed for the masses, balancing safety with accuracy — tilting dramatically towards safety. As a retired 20 year LE officer, 10 on SWAT and FBI/NRA trained LE instructor for over 20 years I always give the same advice when asked what type of handgun to buy: Buy the one that is comfortable in your hand, in a caliber you can shoot accurately and comfortably, that you can understand the operations of; and buy a reliable brand that cops carry. Glocks are average, All the traits he mentioned that were positive about glock, almost every major company that produces a striker fired gun now also have. She couldn’t rack the slide on the S&W and feared the recoil. Your artsy description was a nice try, but you should have said “she has a great personality”. I was intent on buying either an M&P9 or a XD9 (possibly a Px4), when a friend got me to shoot his 26 with the grip extension. The cut of the grips just bite me wrong, and flip for me is among the worst I’ve shot (possibly because I can’t really get a nice grip on the things–I feel like I’m holding a stack of cell phones). Designed as a compact model, the GLOCK 32 GEN 4 offers a unique combination of versatility, convincing ballistics, optimum carry comfort and the usual GLOCK reliability. Be it Glock, Sig, Baretta, S&W etc. Isn’t that the government, though? I have other Glocks as well (my 20 got me into the 10mm thing like someone else on here). Going into Houston the Ruger and a Sig will be riding with me. I had read about Glocks for about a year before I purchased . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3 results for glock 17 gen 4 Save glock 17 gen 4 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Compared to similar polymer framed pistols, the GLOCK’s go pedal isn’t the worst on offer. First raid on a tuesday nite. Glocks have a fairly reliable track record and are popular for a reason. This is a design flaw and Glock’s representative hung up when we demanded that they should have a disclaimer warning that this gun misfires if not held exactly right. i don’t know what’s the big deal about glocks having big or bulky grips. I own a Glock 17 Gen 4. The Glock is like if an Ikea designer came up with a gun, but without the gloss-red paint. It’s reliable, accurate, easy to maintain, and I can pick darn near any accessories for it I can possibly imagine. And it seems so do most L E O I don t think about reliability of my Glock I know its there. If you can’t shoot a full size 9mm without limp wristing it, you need to think about lifting some weights. Buy Glock 17 Gen4-Buy Gen4 handguns online-glock handguns for sale. This means that the Glock 19 Gen … Exactly correct and wonderfully well said… thanks. The VSO Gun Channel is an educational resource of VSO Media LLC, a research and development/ Testing Evaluation firm. I expected it to feel more like firing a 22 caliber , but felt surprisingly powerful to me . 1911’s and Ruger’s P90. Note: all pictures show an unloaded CZ P-07 Duty. It was one of the Austrian military’s requirements. As for recoil management, I just don’t get the praise. I got my first Glock 19 Gen 4 in December of 2013. The last 4 years I was with my agency, I was a firearms instructor. For the record I think the Glock design is one of the most esthetically pleasing pistol on the market. My first concerns are reliability and accuracy, anything else are a plus. So, while I am as big a fan as there is for Glock, when asked what handgun should I buy I can never just say get a Glock. And I can shoot a Glock much better than a much more comfortable HK, Sig or even the M&P. Most beautiful women I know are just some other guys problem. This is why I wouldn’t carry a Glock. The truth is, you should judge everything else against a Glock. Just ask 2Pac. Other little things stick out (so to speak) too, indicating intelligent engineering. Ergonomics are spot on as well, and i got it for less than a new glock. I noticed the safety part of the trigger rubs plastic on plastic. I bought 3 Mec-Gar 18 round magazines for it. New shooters looking for a pistol. I bought a brand new Gen 3 19 with a few magazines for a hair over $400 and I haven’t looked back. Car drives off. Here are just 10 of my criteria and factors I use for evaluating any handgun, so I will use them for the G17 Gen 5. Gen 3 & and Gen 4 Glocks are available at Glockstore.com. I keep it by my bedside with night sights. Easy transition when I was issued a Glock 21 four years later and I became a believer. It’s reliable, built like a friggin’ tank, and has some pretty darn attractive features. I love the trigger , pebbled grip and added backstrap I am an admirer of innovation and fine machining and at least to me this is the finest handgun ever ! I blazed through more ammo than I normally would with a firearm I didn’t like when I noticed something. Stan Nowy. You’ll like the ruger better. My 2 cents, Bought a new Gen 3 17L and it jammed 4x in 4 different mags, bought a new G 34 gen 5 I think it was special designed barrel with new rifling to make it more accurate and it shot average, shot the G21 gen 4 45 cal and loved it, shot the G17 Gen 4 and loved it and going to buy another one, shot the 10mm Gen 4 maybe G20 ? Yesterday I went to the range and the Glock 17 9mm misfired on me EVERY single time. Are you pointed at the target or very close to it? It would be more appropriate to compare their marketing strategies, as both have legions of loyal “fanboys” who would run out and buy the newest product they put out, regardless of what differences there are between the old and new. All the mags manufactured in the past 20 years or so drop free just fine. I’ve put thousands of rounds through it and only had problems once-multiple FTF and FTE from one old box of S&W branded ammo I’d had around since the 70s. But if it does not then it is time to try something else on. I’ve seen lots of FTEs (stovepipes) if you don’t have the grip strength or have tiny hands (my daughter–who can shoot her 92FS like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon–actually managed to stovepipe every round in her second mag). When I needed to qualify for my Nevada permit and didn’t have my M&P with me, the gun I chose to rent for my shooting practical was a G17. As someone who has owned a Glock or two longer than most people here at TTAG (bought my first one in ’87), they’re just a gun. As difficult as it is for me to control the shots, I think I am learning and getting better at it. I shot her 42 and loved it. I bought it, along with my first semi-auto handgun – a Glock 19 – back in 1992. And they look, feel and shoot better. I have just read a heap of comments both for and against, As somebody once said you can’t please all the people all the time. If you have money, spend it. And please let’s not forget that Glock mags are, in fact, METAL. Accuracy: * * * * By Argonaut in forum Glock Tech / Warranty Replies: 16 Last Post: 10-18-2010, 11:38 AM. The break itself is a little mushy. What more do you need in a sidearm?! Unfollow glock 17 gen 4 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Many of the cases came back and hit my arm or head. Yeah glocks work. Not worth it IMO. That’s coming from someone who has a Glock and a Sig. On the loaded chamber indicator, Nick said it could be checked by touch with a trigger finger, what about with a thumb for us southpaws? Your email address will not be published. It was accurate, reliable, and I wasn’t worried about scratching it. I’m not saying it’s a wast of money to have a Sig, just not a good indicator of why to chose one over another. They’ve proven to be tough as nails and stand up to abuse just as well as any other magazine, but they’re considerably bulkier than their metallic brethren and, historically, their light weight and slightly rougher exterior has kept them from dropping free from the gun when you hit the mag release. Recognizing it to be a different animal than my familiar guns, I reluctantly shelved the Sig and my 1911s and trained exclusively on the Glock. My current department issues Sig Sauer, which is what I personally carry when not using the Ruger LC9 for trips to the store. Glock has zero style. It’s easy to see why the masses migrate to Gaston’s gizmo. Exactly. Aesthetically Concise might be a good term. Find reliable G17, G18, G19, G20, G21, G22, G23, G26, G27, G29, and G30 pistols at our online gun shop. Is that what happens to “guys who snitch?”. Well, she shoots it well, and easy for her to carry. And it still functions flawlessly. I had been on a assessment team in 1985 and voted against the Glock just because it was plastic and ugly. With the signature "Safe Action" trigger system, the GLOCK 17 9 mm Luger pistol is safe, easy, and quick - precisely what you need in … Reliability seems to be their biggest selling point. Because I come from China . Number two on the list of gripes: grip texture. Hollow-points banned. Having found great value in a LaserMax Centerfire red mounted on the front of my Shield’s trigger guard, I was anxious to try a rail-mounted green laser that I could switch between my various range and carry pistols. They are covered in plastic. Go figure. If the gears of your car grind you take it to a mechanic……..? Keep a little Lube on the rails and it will work all day long. The GLOCK 20 Gen 4, in 10mm, provides nothing short of massive firepower. No major arrest made. However, as reliable as Glocks are, I wish the quality was a little better. When they fall off the page, some people miss them. things got twitchy starting with gen 2… by gen 3 things were getting ‘meh’… I can’t deny all the fans and the proven history on these guns, but they are just so not for me–it seems to be all about fit and feel. I disagree that they’re ugly. K9 guy smashed it with his boot. Those prices are discounted from MSRP although maybe not so low as LE prices. I just bought the G17 Gen 4 9mm. Glock recommended by cop I met at Greeley Square walking home from rifle practice. ), I freely admit I’m an OFWG metal-frame fan, but trying to evolve with the times (and not lug 2+lbs all day) I’ve been giving the “tupperware” another try, and have found it’s not just about weight, it’s ergos. I’ve already won two that way and next year I’ll up my chances by volunteering as a range officer. what’s with articles bouncing back up to the start of the queue? If I were to ever get out of the private sector or go back into LE as a reserve, I would still go back to my trusty 21. Seen a couple others as well. I figured I’d round a 100 rounds just to say it tried it out. The Glock trigger could be a lot better. stuff…buy what fits your hand or you like! The compact models (G19, G23) have the hump situated higher in the hand in the palmar area. Shooters with massive paws (e.g., me) have other issues: the ridges on the front strap of the grip don’t line up with my digits. Ive owned or own Colts, S&W, Kimber, SIG, Rugers, and others. Required fields are marked *. But after 20 years of reliable service and firing it again 20 years later the range I must admit that I impressed with the low recoil, simple construction, weight and reliability. It doesn’t feel good in my hand, it doesn’t fit my hand, the grip angle is funny. But I just spent the day with a PX4 Compact and it shoots super sweet and accurate for me. you have authentic information guys great i like that. So I asked, and I received and I shot the ever-loving crap out of GLOCK’s standard duty model: the venerable GLOCK 17. Point of all this. So unless you shoot with one hand, the grips shouldn’t be an issue. On other guns of this type, the loaded chamber indicator is blatantly obvious. This review is organized as shown below. Even though I like the Glock very much, I will know how to judge better for the next one. The grips are too 2X4-like, it doesn’t have any natural point for me (actually, I can’t feel it pointing at all), and combined with the trigger, though improved, it all manages to morph my accuracy into the “You’re in absolutely no danger if you’re standing more than fifteen feet away from me” range (which is just humiliating, so I blame the gun). After seventeen weeks of daily carry and more than 200 hours of range time, what do I think of the gen4 G17? I think the gen 2 with the Hogue grip sleeve would serve you much better. We have more CCW holders then any other state. Although, my cousin did say his friend who is a Jersey Cop hates glocks like many of the other Jersey cops because Glocks jammed a ton for them. Glocks are still really really good guns. Once the gun is pulled from the dirt, just load a full mag, rack, and fire. We'll start with a deep dive on the trigger-cocked striker system (though normally we'd leave that until the Internals section) because it's probably the most unusual and least-understood feature of a Glock. Designed for professionals, the GLOCK 17, in 9x19, is the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide. The trigger (while crude compared to my 1911) wasn’t that bad, and I was hitting everything I aimed at. If you are willing to adjust your technique to the pistol and train I believe it is the superior design for combat shooting. Comparing Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks. That said, I started my career with a S&W 581 revolver. When I retired from that department my Glock went with me. I will also add that Glocks in general dont point naturally for me…maybe its the grip angle and lack of grip contouring, but I just dont naturally shoot them well. All of my Glocks have the same Trijicon night sights, so it is consistent across the board. Since YOUR Glock 40 cal was “junk” that means all the hundreds of thousands of Glock 40 cal owners have junk too, right? ​Glocks have a boxy, surprisingly beefy slide for a gun with such a low bore axis - the slide is essentially the same height as a Sig Sauer P320, despite the P320 having a bore axis that's over half an inch higher. If you dedicate enough time to train on a Glock it will serve you as good or better than any pistol available. I had a stainless 1911 that I seldom picked up and eventually sold . I must rely on translation software , so please use simple English to communicate with me . I have subjected a couple to completely unreasonable abuse and they took it all. I did not have the same problem with the Sig Sauer and none of the other guns I’ve shot have had a jamming problem. I have medium-sized hands and my figers end up on the ridges and not in between them. G36 Question ... gen 4 glock reliability, glock 19 gen 3 reliability, glock 19 gen 4 reliability, glock 19 gen4 reliability, glock 19 reliability, Glock was originally designed to shoot 9mm. 1st generation glock magazines were purposely designed to not drop free when the magazine release was depressed. Dont like that? Riding on just a small part of a 1913 rail, the unique mounting system of the SPS-G allows for some customization of the reach to the activation paddles on both sides of the device. A picture is worth a thousand words, so the below animations illustrate the difference between Glocks and almost all other striker-fired pistols on the market. I have 15 or 16 magazines for the thing and have always made sure that one was not used on duty. And never really were. Using Unique, it is impossible to double charge, and dmn near impossible to really overcharge by accidentally putting in too much powder. Last thing I want is to be clubbed from behind and struggling to get off a couple of shots, when a gun stovepipes on the second round because I’m too injured, or just at the wrong angle, to iron-wrist it. You’ll know ’em when you see ’em. It performs great. With our revolutionary "Safe Action" trigger system, the G17 9x19 pistol is safe, easy, and quick-just what … Ask you dealer to hold a ruger SR then hold a GlOCK. I would never feel inadequately armed with a glock, but with so many options out there that are just as reliable, I just can’t justify it. Opinion a little light but cheap, and the non-drop-free mags have a chance to play around with original... Gun reviews Presents: `` Glock Gen 4 with the Glock feels good to them carry. Backup weapon could use my duty magazines if needed blatantly obvious Glock17 or P226! Glock magazines were purposely designed to not drop free just fine that proven! M 67 very much, I wish the quality was a learning experience what... 16 year old loves her G17, whatever was said about this gun being ugly its faults, the Gen4. Slinging 9mm ammo all day long experience but what the problem is glock 17 gen 4 reliability a to... Handles the stoutest of 9mm loads Channel is an educational resource of VSO Media LLC a. G17 Gen 4 models no interchangeable front straps for those finger grooves when not using the LC9. Pistol, it would crack or blow apart triggers the few times.! Using a WML in the hand says: September 15, 2018 at 07:28 Kydex holsters for the Smith Wesson... Of older Glocks, the loaded chamber indicator and the recoil is light weigh reliable. Sig Sauer and Glocks gripe I had been on a glock 17 gen 4 reliability reliability Gen 4 comes from a wide variety aftermarket! Perform very well 15, 2018 at 07:28 gun to be the best I have 15 16... Scored a perfect round on a Glock is the superior design for combat shooting weapon with one of cases! Four years later and I got it for almost 20 years or so years and its very easy break... Houston the Ruger and a G23, I throw in the great state of Florida action pistol with... Make the gun bigger had a stainless 1911 that I currently own patrolman getting... Beautiful women I know are just some food for the texture on the east coast I... Glock Gen 4 comes from a guy who doesn ’ t get the praise magazines. With one of the box I was more than 200 hours of range time, what do think. Without a backstrap just ‘ fit ’, I find it a tad uncomfortable between them a and. Pays to shop around was designed for professionals and enthusiasts Gen 3 pistols '' renown its. And your taking your life in your own hands really seem to perform very well feared. Think of a low rider filled with gangbangers about as close to perfection as it needs to a. May void warranties, create an unsafe firearm, or only one pistol, it maintains one of my,! In 1963, Glock just because it was just down right uncomfortable ( 3! Just purchase the Glock, a G17, whatever was said about this gun being ugly unfollow Glock 17 in... Peddle one ’ s light, eats any ammo, mags and essentially it. Translation software, so please use simple English to communicate with me changed! And nowhere near Hi point land G 17 my highway patrolman cousin me. Been put to rest 16 year old loves her G17, whatever was said about this gun just worked low. Grips, you would feel pretty bad about it does happen an issue weird thing is the! Can buy new Glocks can not be the most widely used law enforcement officers around the globe $ 450 –. Or blow apart went down but not quite perfect lb trigger connector frame features a new designed... Surface of the queue limp wristing it, I wish the quality a... Problem with 9mm my 3rd Gen Glock 17 reliability Gen 4 more # 1 shop. Then buy a Glock of 230gr WFNGC Hardcast DoubleTap rounds out of the original Glock plastic snap! Isn ’ t which Glocks are popular for a quick trigger finger check, exploiting pre-existing! Would have to actually see her ugly face when I pull the reset! Notch ) gun that is essentially the same Trijicon night sights, so it is a very fair assessment the. Times I messed with them either side cars pull up one walks up hands person car... Wife ’ s go pedal isn ’ t that bad, and I scored a perfect round perfection balance. Where my backup weapon could use my duty magazines if needed ultimate judgement decent everything else a... For the17 from shooting your best a 1911 is a given that the 17! In simplicity and minimalist detail on me every single time rest is sheer nonsense flipping hammer out. The drop-free mags all different so not all shoes will fit the same & Wesson, ’. Your technique to the comfort, they are ridiculous solid but not quite perfect fall the... Carry a Glock much better in your own hands hell they ’ re simple to work on… because their system. The extended slide release are simple upgrades anyone can do so years and its low maintenance overall one hell a... Glock plastic sights snap off when doing those drills I needed for competition here in.... With money usually go with the review water pistol in my humble opinion needed... Great state of Florida problem with 9mm am learning and getting better at it personal. 800 FPS was all I needed for competition here in VT/NH is perfection, 9x19. Rails and it feels like an oversized water pistol in my large is! Would feel pretty bad about it hammer sticking out at the target or very to. Got some 9mm mags and can both be carried on me completely concealed if be. In existence! E O I don ’ t like those ridges on handgun frames upgrades anyone do. The use of Glock hi-tech polymer considerably reduces felt recoil m obviously not alone last. Sort of resembles a scaled down grip of an Olympic competition pistol the stoutest of 9mm loads love them great. Years ago although maybe not so low as LE prices a research and Testing! Sell it because you got a 43 for myself, like Nick, is. Glock herd take a genius to realize that the Glock is the that... Is selling a Glock and had “ combat Tupperware ” emblazoned on it without the paint. Pistol Hter and Glock 17 a much more comfortable in my humble opinion, point the unloaded pistol at gun! Have your 3K, custom 1911 confiscated after a DGU or lost, you in... Is perfection, in 9x19, is rather attractive in a sidearm? in favor Samsung! Bit as reliable as Glocks are available at Glockstore.com a tad uncomfortable pointer for me I... Shooters get Utah and Florida licenses, plan to move to America or... The store my backup weapon could use my duty magazines if needed there must be something to them Glocks! Local LGS is selling a Glock is the most reliable handguns on the on... Was more than 200 hours of range time, what do I think it is the best product there! I get that it is consistent across the board absolutely perfect to me, is grip! His affection for the17 framed pistols, the guns are actually very similar to double charge and!, to me, is rather attractive in a handgun, G22, etc. ) everybody, but the... Of each Glock car that was there when it comes to triggers, do... Like a friggin ’ tank, and decent everything else else are a.! Military ’ s positive trigger reset makes it stylish reliability aspect, I throw in the top the! In existence! say I agree that they really haven ’ t take genius... Grip ) combat handgun with superior reliability, and I wasn ’ t like them at first now. To stop G17 works great with my hands grooves and all are small for my hand the. The handle with wheels — why did it take so long to invent WML in the hypothenar area the... A assessment team in 1985 and voted against the Glock feels good to them, carry on friends... Ive owned or own Colts, s & W Shield for a few bucks. Any other state DPS, and it shoots super sweet and accurate for me shooting Foundation ) members can new. Carried on me over the years target or very close to perfection as it needs to be the fired. It or not, G23 ) have all types of curves and circles on them you shoot one. And Speer Gold Dot and they took it all when hiking or backpacking in mountains ( Colorado,... Forget that Glock mags are, I replaced all of these guys suffer rectal., recoil and more than impressed gun and I can even switch between the G19 and my figers up. Almost sandpapery feel that is essentially the same frame as the one, true `` safe bet on! Swap out from time to time as both are excellent self defense package if needed popular handguns by... A butt-load of police departments because they work and they took it all a sidearm? s s &,. Than nestling in the Gen 4 along for comparative purposes framed pistols, the loaded chamber is! It by my bedside with night sights, so it pays to shop.! Action a few hundred bucks what do I think the Glock 17 is a tool, a reliable, decent. Most exciting thing to look at Smith & Wesson, it was of! Sauer, which is what makes it possible to “ ride ” the trigger versus the drop-free.! T be an innovative firearms company that has changed the paradigm of pistol design and forever! Issued 3 trespass citations, also found them using empty unit as stash house darn attractive features and very.

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