City of Ava Government

Current Mayor ~ Burrely Loftin

The City of Ava has a Mayor/Board of Aldermen form of government. The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and presides over the board of aldermen. The City of Ava Board of Aldermen consists of four persons; two from each ward of the city. The mission of the Board is to set general and specific municipal policy, pass ordinances and resolutions, appropriate funds, review and monitor municipal administration, prescribe and adopt the city’s budgets, establish water and refuse collection rates and other general tax and service rates, adopt a zoning plan for the city, and fulfill a variety of other duties as defined by State statute.

City Council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at 404 S. Jefferson St. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Phone: (417) 683-5516. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend. City ordinance information is available on our website at

City of Ava Police Department

Current Police Chief ~ Reggie Johnson

The Police Department has dispatchers and officers available 24 hours each day, to answer calls and respond to emergencies, handling police, fire, and ambulance. All police vehicles are equipped with up-to date radios capable of communicating with our own dispatch center and the dispatch center of the local sheriff’s office. Phone: (417) 683-2900

Douglas County Government

Ava is the county seat of Douglas County. The county’s government is a system of commissioners with the presiding commissioner controlling the county government, with the assistance of an eastern area and western area commissioner. The county also has elected officials such as: County Assessor, County Clerk, and County Recorder. Douglas County has a Sheriff and five Deputies. County Commissioner Phone: (417) 683-6080

Douglas County Sheriff Department

Current Sheriff ~ Chris Degase

The Sheriff Department is staffed by a Sheriff along with five full time Deputies, one part time Deputy, three full time dispatchers, two part time dispatchers and two part time jailers. Phone: (417) 683-1020

Fire Departments

If you live in a rural area outside the city limits of Ava, you will need to contact your local fire department. These fire departments require annual membership dues to operate and protect your home in an emergency. To find the department that services your property, please call the Douglas County Emergency Management Association at (417) 683-3315.

Emergency Contact Information:                                                                 Non-Emergency Membership Contact Information:

Ava City                                       417-683-2931                                              Ava Rural                                            417-683-8512
Ava Rural                                    417-683-1020                                               Brixey Rockbridge                              417-679-4382
Eastern Douglas County             417-683-1020                                               Dora                                                   417-293-9336
Western Douglas County            417-683-1020                                               Eastern Douglas County                    417-259-0953                                                                                                                                         Goodhope                                          417-543-8944                                                                                                                                         Skyline                                                417-543-4947                                                                                                                                         Squires                                               417-543-6106                                                                                                                                         Twin Bridges                                       417-257-7799



United States Post Office Locations

Ava                   417-683-4412
Rockbridge       417-679-3619
Squires             417-683-5959
Wasola             417-265-3543

Bill Martin Memorial Airport

Conveniently located at the northwest edge of the city limits, the Ava Airport, owned and operated by the City of Ava, is a favorable fly-in destination for pilots and aviation students. The remodeling of the airport building and the recent addition of a fueling station and other amenities are just a few of the upgrades the airport has seen in the last several years. Pilots will find many conveniences at the airport including aircraft maintenance by certified aircraft mechanics and even a courtesy car allowing visitors to get into town. The airport office is open to pilots 24/7. David and Mary Kay Davidson help manage the airport and offer flying lessons through the Ava Aviation Club. Phone: (417) 683-3169